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Sales Consulting & Management (dombo_big-consulting_cover-image.jpg)

Task: brand development, naming and website
Client: B.I.G. Sales Consulting & Management
Coop.: Florian Möllering, programming / Bernd Bücker, text
Year: 2020

Development of a corporate identity and website for the newly founded consulting company of Ingo Glowacz (B.I.G.), which specializes in sales consulting, management and coaching.

At a first glance, the initials B.I.G. come across as a bit grandiose. However, it soon becomes clear that they refer to the "big" claims of his way of working and, above all, point to the "big" goals and benefits for his clients.

The logo cleverly combines the intrinsic qualities of Ingo Glowacz and his company.
It depicts its range of services and the brand core using fresh design elements and represents the forward-looking client benefit.

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World of colours

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Image style

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Graphical style

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The contrast between the small consultancy and its big ideas and solutions is reflected not only in the name, but also in every single basic element of the design concept and rounds off the overall appearance of B.I.G. in interaction.

B.I.G. is therefore a strategy of a mutually dependent relationship between the communication of well thought-out content (concepts and strategies) and its presentation through appealing and vivid design.

Stationery (dombo_big-consulting_stationary.jpg)
Workshop Poster (dombo_big-consulting_workshop-tool.jpg)
Merchandise (big-consulting_merchandise.jpg)

The website has been kept as lean as possible in terms of content and design, allowing visitors to quickly absorb all the content with in-depth options and easy navigation by means of cross-links.
Up-to-date and topical articles in the "B.I.G. News Blog" ensure anyone interested in sales consulting
is kept abreast of the latest developments.

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