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Motorrad Days (dom-bo_bmw_motorraddays_theke_01.jpg)

Task: Event Design
Client: BMW Group
Year: 2017

The BMW Motorrad Days in Garmisch Partenkirchen, where up to 40,000 bikers meet annually, required the topics of Original BMW Motorcycle Parts, Original BMW Motorcycle Accessories and Technical Advice to be placed centre stage.

zelte (dom-bo_bmw_motorraddays_zelt_01.jpg)
zelte (dom-bo_bmw_motorraddays_zelt_02.jpg)

How do you communicate interesting facts and figures about Original BMW Motorcycle Parts? We decided on appealing infographics with a palpable "aha" effect.

illus umfeld (dom-bo_bmw_motorraddays_zahlen-daten-fakten_01.jpg)
zubehör an wand (dom-bo_bmw_motorraddays_zubehoer_01.jpg)

How do you convince visitors of the high-quality workmanship of the accessories? The solution: attach the parts to the wall and make them directly tangible.

When it comes to Technical Advice, we also relied on the use of exhibits in combination with infographics.

triptichon (dom-bo_bmw_motorraddays_innovationen_01.jpg)


triptichon (dom-bo_bmw_motorraddays_motoren_01.jpg)

Centre pieces

triptichon (dom-bo_bmw_motorraddays_motoren_02.jpg)


When it came to visuals, visitors were able to have their motorcycles customised with classic and contemporary designs.

beklebung (dom-bo_bmw_motorraddays_beklebung_01.jpg)
shower gel give away (dom-bo_bmw_motorraddays_gel_01.jpg)
shower gel im waschbecken (dom-bo_bmw_motorraddays_gel_02.jpg)

The Body + Bike shower gel not only served to draw visitors to the Original BMW Motorcycle Parts and Accessories tent – it was also used extensively on the surrounding campsites.