“for you“
in Swahili

sponsorship magazine (knh_kinderjournal_foto-01_titel-rueckseite_210108.jpg)

Task: Basic magazine concept and 1st issue
Client: Kindernothilfe e.V.
Year: 2020

Kindernothilfe's sponsorship magazine was conceived and designed exclusively for long-term sponsors. Editorially prepared reports written from the children's perspective provide insight into current projects. Their themes and contributions take centre stage and are further enhanced with photos, poems, drawings etc.

The "magazine-like" design invites people to read and also makes the magazine interesting for others in the circle of long-term supporters.

KWAKO Name (knh_kinderjournal_magazin-kopf_210108.jpg)

The name "for you", which changes language from issue to issue, appeals to donors and reminds them with each issue that there are grievances around the world that Kindernothilfe is tackling with its projects.

Basiselemente Slideshow (knh_kinderjournal_basiselemente_typografie.jpg)


Basiselemente Slideshow (knh_kinderjournal_basiselemente_farben.jpg)


Basiselemente Slideshow (knh_kinderjournal_basiselemente_visuals.jpg)


The use of the house font, colours, image style and grid from the KNH corporate design form a consistent basis and ensure clear brand recognition. These are complemented by new graphical elements and illustrations, further colour shades and an additional font to create a more independent editorial look and greater flexibility in design.

The combination of established elements and new variables results in a tidy design, but at the same time coupled with playful elements. This enables the magazine to stand out from Kindernothilfe's other publications.

Dramaturgie & Seitenaufriss (knh_kinderjournal_aufbau-drama.jpg)

A design concept was developed to reflect the content, which is always flexible and, to a certain extent, "perfectly imperfect", picking up on and reinforcing the emotions from the children's perspective.

Vorwort (knh_kinderjournal_foto-02_vorwort.jpg)

"No explosion of confetti –
childlike, not childish"

Close Niemand (knh_kinderjournal_foto-04_closeup-niemand_210108.jpg)
Bildstrecke Afrika (knh_kinderjournal_foto-05_bildstrecke-afrika.jpg)
Animation Asien (dom-bo_knh-case_kwako-2020-01_img_4398_animation.gif)
Close Infografik (knh_kinderjournal_foto-06_closeup-infografik_210108.jpg)
Close Typo (knh_kinderjournal_foto-07_closeup-typo_210108.jpg)

Appealing infographics with shocking facts as an introduction to the corresponding main articles.

Infografiken Einstieg (knh_kinderjournal__infografik_afrika_210108.jpg)
Infografiken Einstieg (knh_kinderjournal__infografik_asien_210108.jpg)
Infografiken Einstieg (knh_kinderjournal__infografik_lateinamerika_210108.jpg)
Zitat Abschluss (knh_kinderjournal_foto-08_closeup-zitat_210108.jpg)