The "small world"
of conscious
coffee pleasure

For conscious gourmets (dom-bo_el-mundillo_packaging_top2.jpg)

Task: Brand development and campaign
Client: El Mundo Weltladen Schorndorf
Year: 2016

Development of the gourmet brand Mundillo as a private label for the El Mundo Weltladen. Realisation of the first product line and advertising campaign for the company's own coffee – espresso, mild coffee and strong coffee.

El Mundillo is the result of the coffee cooperation of the Schorndorf Weltladen El Mundo and el molinillo, the coffee roasting plant of Laufenmühle in the region, with GEPA as the raw coffee supplier.

Award in the idea competition "creative selling" of the Weltladen umbrella organisation.

logo-animation (dom-bo_el-mundillo_animation-signet_2.gif)

Figurative Mark

Combination of the corporate typeface of the El Mundo World Shop "ITC Officina Serif" with a traditional illustration of the often unrecognised coffee plant. This refers to the origin of the product.

The elegant black/white contrast in combination with exquisite gold elements lends the figurative mark a modern and classic appearance.

Etiketten (dom-bo_el-mundillo_labels2.jpg)

The small world phenomenon

Every person in the world is connected to each other through a surprisingly short chain of acquaintanceships. Everyone should be just as connected and familiar with Fair Trade products!

Herleitung Name (dom-bo_el-mundillo_naming.jpg)


El Mundo + El Molinillo = El Mundillo [Mundijo]

The name El Mundillo emphazises the connection between the two partners and uses the Spanish diminutive form of El Mundo, "the world": El Mundillo stands for the "small world" of conscious coffee pleasure and the link between North and South through globalisation and fair trade.

Verpackung Seite (dom-bo_el-mundillo_packaging_side2.jpg)
Stempel (dom-bo_el-mundillo_stamp2.jpg)

Launch campaign "The new El Mundo coffee pleasure"

Medien Kampagne (dom-bo_el-mundillo_campagne_2.jpg)
Faltblatt Cover (dom-bo_el-mundillo_folder-cover.jpg)
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