One law firm. Two specialist areas. (dombo_vogeler-ra_intro_221007.jpg)

Task: Brand development and website
Client: Vogeler Rechtsanwälte
Coop.: Florian Möllering, programming / Bernd Bücker, text
Year: 2022

Vogeler Rechtsanwälte specialise in two fields of practice: Medical Law and Medical Liability Law as well as International Aviation and Transport Law. The two high specialist fields have been developed and integrated under one roof in a reliable and beneficial way. Vogeler RA are specialists in their field, but at the same time they are familiar with today's world and how people work. They offer their clients a comprehensive, results-oriented service and are highly professional and dependable.

The reworked logo provides the figurehead for the new design. The basic layout remains the same to ensure optimum brand recognition. Classic and modern elements merge harmoniously to form the new landmark of the law firm Vogeler Rechtsanwälte.

Tradition v. modernity

We are seizing on the generational change in the firm to bring its "look" into the present day.
To this end, we retain classic elements, but also add contemporary ones to generate attention and excitement, which are certainly intrinsic to the firm:

Father < > Sons
Medicine < > Aviation
Tradition < > Future

We incorporate this principle of "contrasts" into all design parameters (graphics, typography, colours, text) and make them interplay.

Basic forms derived from aspects
of the typography

The graphic elements are based on the two basic geometric shapes, circle and rhombus, and are drawn from aspects of typography. They symbolise the particular area and are also used collectively as key visuals.

Square → Technical → Aviation law
Circle → Human → Medical law

Living grid

The most important characteristic of the modular grid system is its constant flexibility. It consistently adapts and lends the particular field or subject of all applications the space it needs.

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